“Endearing and easy to read ...”  - The La Jolla Light

“Delightful read! I finished in one setting - and then promptly shared it with my kids and recommended it to my friends!” - Dr. Mollie Marti, author, Walking with Justice

“Filled with stories of food and fun from a dog's point of view.” - The Vermilion Photojournal

“Lucky's impression of food at Al's Beef ... and other places around the country” - Northwest Indiana Times

“Lucky ... not only knows what a slide rule is for but explains logarithms in his book ...” The Oughtred Society Newsletter

“Perfect gift for pet owners” - Mary Zitiello of Oliver & Henry's Retail Dog Shop on New Day Cleveland

“I've known Lucky and his Dad Bob for a long time. They're both blessed with each other's love and devotion, and that love comes through brilliantly in A Lucky Life. Every person who's known that kind of affection and devotion with a four-legger needs to read this book. Well done!” - Robin Rayne

“A delightful read! Highlights the places of travel and people met along the way of Lucky's life journey. A nice change of view and perspective from the everyday.” - Arthur Billingsley

“A thoroughly delightful read. Part photo essay, part memoir. Folksy, warm, witty and informative.” - Ron Leo

“Fun read from an interesting perspective.” - Ken Bolvin

“Fantastic book. I recommend it!” - S. Leonard

“Lucky found inspiration and nourishment for his book at Eddie's Grill.”