What we're reading ... Washington: A Life, and A Woman of Interest

As the inauguration approached, Dad wanted to brush up on his American history, and as luck would have it, ran across David McCullough's 1776 at the library. (When the student is ready, the teacher appears.)

That book inspired him to learn more about George Washington. So he's finishing Ron Chernow's Pulitzer Prize winning tome, Washington: A Life. An avid reader, Dad enjoyed learning more about the Marquis de Lafayette, and resolved to emulate our first President's gentility and letter writing skills. 

Like most of the pen community, Dad was saddened to learn that handwritten letter champion, Penworld magazine columnist, and speaker Cindy Zimmermann had passed away. Her words and wisdom live on in A Woman of Interest, whose subtitle A Memoir in Letters perfectly describes the book.

From her childhood to a trying murder trial to sending letters in Cloth Envelope Company envelopes to her DVD Sincerely Yours, Cindy's book of letters will enchant you and inspire you to draw from her strength as she confronted so many challenges.

We hope you enjoy these books and learn as much from them as Dad did.