What we're doing ... therapy for a dog

Dr. Debbie Decker of Synergy Veterinary Care came in early today so she could look at me after Dad noticed I've been having trouble sitting and standing. In addition to making sure Dad gives me only natural treats like sweet potato skins and other vegetables, she gave me a traumeel injection to reduce inflammation, and showed Dad how to work with me every day to improve my standing. 

We learned that the salt in even a small bite of hamburger from a restaurant or in a bite of salmon loaf made with low sodium canned salmon can aggravate my heart condition and push me into fluid overload. Dad and I are grateful Dr. Decker added an appointment for us today. 

My healthy diet now includes a natural diuretic from Standard Process; Krill oil; and a tablet of Dad's Catlalyn - another Standard Process supplement his holistic chiropractor, Dr Bryan Ruocco, started him on as I wrote about in Chapter 20 of A Lucky Life.